How To Radically

Increase Google Shopping/PLA Profits

With Keyword Segmentation

Advanced PLA Tactics

for Profit-Focused Retailers

PLA/Google Shopping channels have become increasingly crowded in the past few years, resulting in rising CPCs and growing competition. Retailers who rely on PLAs as a significant source of revenue need to adopt a more sophisticated approach to PLA optimization in order to remain both competitive and profitable.

As an agency that specializes in advanced PLA/Google Shopping optimization, we have thoroughly tested many strategies over the past few years, however one has yielded significantly more value than all others. We have found that segmenting for combinations of products and queries yields far superior results than product segmentation alone. Retailers who have adopted a query-driven approach to PLA management have seen dramatic increases in revenue combined with more precise control over media spend, allowing for radical increases in total profit.

In this eBook, we will show you how valuable query segmentation can be, and why it should become a component of your PLA channel strategy. We will also show you how you can incorporate query segmentation into your PLA channel yourself.